Plastics in the community

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Paper Plus is addressing and solving the current issues in the environment of single-use plastic as well as reducing Deforestation by offering an innovative and unique solution with Carbon Neutral Manufactured envoPAP made using Sugarcane based materials. envoPAP is compostable, Vegan-friendly, biodegrades faster and has Zero Liquid Discharge during the manufacturing process.

Project Location: Worldwide




We organise large scale plogs across the country which is running/walking whilst picking up rubbish at the same time. We also educate in schools and set up school plogging clubs to encourage children to care for their local environments. We are always looking for people to come and join us on plogs and volunteers to set up plogs in new areas. We also want to get into as many schools as possible so please do get in touch if your school would like to get involved.

Project location: National


Lifegate Communities Ltd


We like to educate the public about the challenges with the use of plastic and how we can make better re-use and recycling of used plastic as opposed to disposing them. We are looking for sponsors and collaborators who can help us with our work.

Project location: West Midlands



Leicester City Council


Community environmental volunteering, education and art focused on raising the profile of the scale and impact of the problem. Sign up to our environmental volunteering initiative on our website.

Location: Leicester city



Yorkshire Wildlife Trust


Turning the tide marine pollution programme including beach cleans, fishing 4 litter, business advocacy and community stakeholder engagement to tackle pollution at source. We are looking for people to take part in activities or join in partnership. Visit our website to find out more.

Project location: Yorkshire



Three Ways Special School


We will provide community collection points for used plastic and use new machinery to chip, melt and re-purpose the plastic. The new plastic will be used for enterprise projects such as making artwork, engineering new equipment and products to sell. We are looking for funding to get the project off the ground, to purchase the necessary equipment and get going with the recycling and re-purposing, let us know if you can help!

Project location: Bath and NE Somerset



Marine Conservation Society


We are the leading marine conservation charity in the UK, working for seas full of life. We run the annual Great British Beach Clean, the country's largest litter survey and clean programme over four days in September. Our Clean Seas team engages in dialogue with legislators, businesses and the public on plastic and other pollution issues facing our oceans and how we can work towards reducing our impact on the marine environment. We are looking for: people to become Sea Champions and help with our beach clean programmes, volunteers at the Great British Beach Clean, new members and supporters of our organisation including businesses and individuals to jointly fight plastic pollution and positively engage with the marine environment.

Project location: UK



myTEA is Mighty (Mighty Drinks Ltd.)


At myTEA is Mighty, our mission is to support both physical and mental wellbeing initiatives as well as utilise sustainable packaging and circular economy techniques through a triple bottom line business model. That’s why our wholesome vegan tea lattes are real-brewed from Fairtrade tea leaves and organic ingredients. We not only create healthy, tasty drinks but also empower people through our “me time, tea time, any time” values. Our goal is to create a culture of reuse and upcycling instead of single-use plastics through a bottle deposit scheme and centralised delivery network.

When consumers return a bottle to us to clean and reuse, we donate the cost of the bottle as well as a percentage of our profits to support physical and mental wellbeing initiatives. Drink myTEA. Be Mighty! And welcome to our communiTEA.

Project location: London





Freegle provides a free online reuse service, enabling 2.7 million UK citizens to extend the life of products, avoid buying new all the time (and the packaging that it comes in!), to save money and to prevent unnecessary everyday waste. We campaign about waste prevention, circular economy, reusables and reuse.

We would love more people to use Freegle to both find a new home for their unwanted stuff and to receive others unwanted things. We always welcome new volunteers, to help with I.T and community engagement.

Project location: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland

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