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Seadream education


We are a Community Interest Company dedicated to delivering exciting science and engineering to instil passion, awe, knowledge, understanding and respect for the world around us. Please get in touch or like and follow us on Facebook to find out more.

Project Location: Southwest UK


The Born Free Foundation


The Great Conservation Debate will inform, engage and encourage young people in schools throughout the UK, to discuss 'plastics'. Born Free will provide dynamic and freely available resources. The annual project will culminate in a central debate and will draw on real life case studies from participating companies. We welcome participation from Corporates that would like to offer support.

Project location: UK


Sheffield Wednesday Community Programme


Sheffield Wednesday Community Programme are working with schools across Sheffield to education pupils on the dangers of single use plastic and asking them to make a pledge to change there habits when using this product. We are looking for people to sponsor our programme, to allow us continue spreading this message and encourage more schools to think about their use of single use plastic.

Project location: South Yorkshire



Creative Conscience


We are a global initiative that inspires, rewards and supports the new generation of Creative thinkers to use their talents for social & environmental impact. We work on educating and building behaviour change through creative thinking, concepts, campaigns, talks and workshops. Collaborate, take part and join in. Through shared experiences and taking action we can be a stronger force for positive impact. Working together is better.



World Pencil


We run the Creative Impact programme, which supports young people to run their own creative arts projects to make measurable impacts towards plastics and other sustainability challenges. We're looking for schools, colleges and other young people's organisation interested in being involved. Please get in touch via our website!

Project location: England



Clear Public Space


Working in Romania and the UK, we are driving change - improving recycling rates and clearing public spaces of litter. Working in schools, with waste companies and councils. We are looking for people to support our work in schools as volunteers.

Project location: Westminster and Romania



Liverpool John Moores University


Quantification of processes relating to sources, paths and fate of plastic pollution in coastal systems. Links with public perception and choice of lifestyles in relation to microplastic pollution. We would like to create research links and collaborate with agencies and local councils with the general aim of understanding sources and effects of microplastics.

Project location: any UK coasts with emphasis on North West coast of England



DangerSpot Books in association with SAW


DangerSpot books are children's picture books with safety stickers helping to prevent accidents within the home and elsewhere. Each story includes at least 4 major incidents, which teach 3 - 7 year old children about dangers. The last page is a more serious advice sheet for parents and teachers with six DangerSpot stickers, (except for "Stranger Dangers" and “The Harey Chat Room”), which the parents, teachers and children are invited to place around the home or school to identify dangers. A new title about plastic pollution is planned.

We are looking for a waste management company to advise us and distribute copies of the new title, "Plastic Pollution", to local primary schools.

Project location: East Anglia





DEED delivers staff training and pupil workshops to encourage all to explore and 'rethink' the use of single use plastic. Through images, activities and resources we investigate more sustainable alternatives and encourage all to take positive action to reduce, refill and reuse, and to play a part in improving the local and global environment.

We are looking for funding to support our work in schools and in the wider community, so we can deliver these inspiring workshops and training across Dorset and Hampshire.

Project location: Dorset and Hampshire



We Are Ocean


We are a collective of charities and marine NGOs, called We Are Ocean, seeking to raise ocean literacy in UK culture which is key to addressing the root cause of the plastic crisis. ‘World Ocean Day for Schools’ aims to achieve for ocean literacy what World Book Day has for reading literacy. Thousands of participating children in the UK and around the world have dressed up in blue for the ocean, watched our film in assembly, and explored their ocean connection in class.

Schools can find out more and sign up to take part in World Ocean Day for Schools on our website.

We’re seeking new partners and funding to scale World Ocean Day for Schools in the UK. Specifically we want to invest in World Ocean Day for Schools’ offering throughout the year to make every day about raising the Ocean IQ, and to deepen the connection through experiential learning e.g. schools engaging in two minute beach/city cleans, kids and their families making lifestyle changes, or taking action in the community.

Our founding partners are WWF, The Wild Network, The Marine Biological Association, Marine Conservation Society, National Marine Aquarium, and Thames Estuary Partnership, with support from Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. The collective is powered by the innovation arm of the Wild Network – Wild Labs.

Project location: UK



Tops Day Nurseries


We have stopped ordering and using most one use plastics in our day nurseries such as glitter, balloons, cling film and wet wipes, and aim to ban all one use plastic if we can and reduce where we can't yet. We are looking for help to change to reusable nappies in all our day nurseries and to run nappy libraries for others too.

Project location: Across South coast from West Sussex to Devon.



University of Wolverhampton


Researchers at the University of Wolverhampton have turned waste plastic into biodegradable resins for medical and consumer products. Waste Plastic is a potential carbon source that could be utilised to make value-added biopolymers. We are looking for industrial partners interested in production of biodegradable plastics from waste.

Project location: West Midlands